With her sculptural work Joelle Aune further explores materials, the tactility and narrative it holds, striving to capture a moment that intuitively unfolds into an object. Her work holds a sense of softness, movement and a depth that allows the eye to gracefully travel and find new perspectives. Drawing inspiration from light and its transformative nature, shifting the objects from static to evolving with the rhythm of life. 

"For me, it is essential that each piece tells its own story, allowing the surface and material to speak. I embrace the process of the sometimes unexpected unfolding, that often leads to something out of the ordinary and allows new growth in my work."

For the 'Essence' series, Joelle has created five unique alabaster plaster wall sculptures exclusively available at Schiller Dufva. The pieces are cast in hand built molds and then carefully sanded, allowing the intuitive motions of the hand to perfect the shape. 

Joelle Aune is a student at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. She recently participated in a group exhibition with Svenskt Tenn at Galleri Glas and is currently working on a large commission for restaurant Persona in Stockholm.