United by our shared passion for timeless and sustainable design, Schiller Dufva and Swedish Rags invite you to an Open House at Ålstensgatan in the heart of Bromma. A modern take on the traditional Swedish rag rug meets our curated collection of decorative arts in a celebration of craftsmanship and modern living. 
Welcome to join us for an
after work Thursday April 25, 16–19
or drop by during our open house throughout the weekend to enjoy exclusive offers.

Open House
Thursday 16–19
Friday 12–18
Saturday 11–17
Sunday 1117

Schiller Dufva Ålstensgatan 13A
Swedish Rags Ålstensgatan 26

After work rsvp: hanna@schillerdufva.com
Hope to see you there!
Hanna, Sussi & Lotta