Iconic Relief Vases by Ewald Dahlskog for Bo Fajans

The Stockholm Exhibition in 1930 was a strong incentive for the creative industries to innovate and create new expressions in line with the new modernist ideals. Dahlskog was hired at Bo Fajans by the Boberg brothers who were looking to bring the traditional porcelain factory into a new era. In a short amount of time, Dahlskog developed the new ceramic collection to be presented at the Stockholm fair.
 D.33 - 911

Leaving the classic painted decor behind, Dahlskog designed a series where the striped reliefs alone create a decorative effect. Over the years, the lines softened and more glazes were developed along with Gösta Boberg. Some models remained in production during the 1940s and early 50s.
D.168 - Topas